Top 2 Bottom Construction Cleaning Services

Thanks for considering Top 2 Bottom for your post-construction cleaning needs. We offer final cleaning services to any commercial buildings, houses. and apartments after construction or a renovation. We also offer cleaning services during construction. We specialize in a 3-stage cleaning process to ensure a thorough and complete job. Our 3 stage cleaning process includes: rough cleaning, detail cleaning, and final/touch-up cleaning. We currently service the surrounding Louisiana metropolitan areas.

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Construction cleanup involves leaving the entire structure free from construction debris and dust. Labels are removed from glass and restroom fixtures. Resilient tile floors will be finished. Light fixtures will be cleaned. Carpets will be vacuumed and, in some cases, spot-cleaned. Everything is new and should end up looking new.

Typical cleaning specifications for a final cleaning would include:

  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Wipe down or polish counters, cabinets, and ceramic tiles
  • Clean sinks, mirrors, tubs, showers
  • Remove all stickers, adhesive, paint, etc.
  • Polish all chrome, porcelain, Formica, and horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuum and spot-clean all carpets
  • Deep clean hard surface floors
  • Window washing would include removal of stickers, adhesive, paint, and drywall overspray from glass

Commercial final cleaning would include the above. In these jobs we may also wipe down walls that have not been freshly painted, strip, and refinish VCT floors, and clean carpets.

You can identify our employees by the uniform they wear on-site at your facility. We will provide a project manager and an on-site supervisor to ensure our services meet your expectations. Exhibiting safety throughout our operations is a priority at Top 2 Bottom. Every Top 2 Bottom technician at your site will exhibit proficiency in safe working procedures and ensure proper use of equipment and chemicals. Top 2 Bottom will provide all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment needed for the job. We are reliable, hard-working, and determined to get the job done.

You may contact us for a free, no obligation estimate on our services at. We will gladly answer any questions you have. We look forward to working with you soon.